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Creative Flooring

Launch in 2003 as part of the Aragon group, Creative Flooring is a resin flooring Contractor for a wide range of commercial and industrial flooring.

It is a certified contractor for commercial and industrial resin flooring jobs, in Romania and abroad, for Flowcrete and BASF resin material systems such as: parkings, food industry, warehouses, industrial facilities, commercial centers.

Also, Creative Flooring is the resin flooring contractor for Aragon owned flooring brands VIA..

10 installation teams and more than 18 years of professional experience + 1.5 million sqm of on-duty floorings is our business card.

Creative Flooring is specialized in contracting a wide range of resin floorings for professional specialized applications such as:

Epoxy & polyurethane resin parking floorings

Antimicrobial polyurethane screeds for the food industry

Anti-static & anti-explosion resin floorings

Intensive, heavy duty & chemical resistance resin floorings for warehouses, manufacturing & assembly facilities

Carbon fiber - epoxy matrix systems for structural consolidation

Water mitigation barriers

Basement water infiltration treatment

Commercial & residential epoxy TERRAZZO floorings

Natural stone carpets for indoor & outdoor application

Materials used in the resin flooring installations are of the highest quality available on the market, all resin components are 100% solids with no thinners or solvents!

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