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Paving system made of marble, granite or river stone aggregates bonded with a flexible, clear, UV stable and water-resistant polyurethane resin applied on wood, stone slabs, tiles, concrete, metal or asphalt substrate.

The resin covers, protects and bonds together the aggregates, enhancing their natural color and preserving their permanent “wet stone” look.


The aggregates are supplied from Italian quarries in 18 standard colors which can be blend between, each color in 3 size ranges. They are rounded, washed, dried and vacuumed with a smooth and clean appearance, like a river stone. The standard color can vary from one batch to another depending on the variation of the natural color of the original marble.

It is applied seamless on wood, stone, tiles, concrete, steel, asphalt, indoor or outdoor, for new projects or renovations.

It is the ideal choice for swimming pool surroundings, paths, terraces, outdoor stairs, car access, garages, etc.

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